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I was a client of Helen’s in 2013, going to her feeling that my whole lifestyle, eating patterns and state of mind was out of kilter. Through discussion and analysis, we identified a pattern of stress that was having a significant impact on my overall health and eating patterns. I took an adrenal test that showed that my stress hormones were not operating effectively, and had this not been identified, it could possibly have caused some significant long term damage to my health.

This was a wake up call for me, and prompted me to think seriously about my diet and lifestyle. There was no pressure, but great recommendations, on what to eat that would wean me off sugary foods that had become my energy source, rather than good food and drink. Supplements were suggested, and whilst I was a bit cynical about such things, I was very glad as they made a significant difference. I am now one year on and much better in health, state of mind and with some significant lifestyle changes. Thank you Helen.



After years of suffering with PCOS, low energy and the usual hormonal imbalance symptoms, I worked with Helen on looking at the issues behind the PCOS rather than trying to treat the symptoms. Through her thorough understanding of my problems and targeted testing, we established the functional imbalances and started a programme of dietary supplements and a complimentary nutritional plan. Within 3 weeks the results were physically noticeable, I had much more energy, less brain fog and clear signs that my hormonal imbalance was being addressed.

Helen is a real professional with a great deal of experience in the health field. She has been really supportive throughout and on hand to offer advice and adapt the programme to fit my needs. The difference with Helen is that she looks to address the real functional imbalance rather than focusing on the symptoms, but in doing so naturally the symptoms subside.


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