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At optimal energy nutrition we support people who have stress related problems, chronic fatigue, ME and chronic exhaustion. We provide targeted and tailored programmes in the areas of nutrition, physical activity and active thinking skills. Our focus is on results and the influence these 3 areas can have on your energy, vitality and getting on with life.


Each individual will be fully assessed in an initial consultation process which will last between 60 and 90 minutes and will consist of establishing your particular health challenges, symptoms, family history, medical history, tests, level of activity, interventions made, diet and current use of supplements and medication. This is necessary to develop a personalised, safe, targeted, effective and highly personalised, taking into consideration your current levels of energy, nutrition, thinking skills, and lifestyle. From this an individual plan will be established, in agreement with you, with follow up sessions for education, support, progression and monitoring of the programme.


Stress Reduction
A 4 month programme of weekly 1-1 sessions to end the harmful effects of chronic stress.

Chronic Fatigue Programme
A 3 month programme of weekly 1-1 sessions to improve energy and activity.

After the initial consultation other sessions may be conducted by phone or skype for those who have difficulty in travelling.

Initial consultation Bedford: £125 for 75-90 minutes, follow up 60 mins £125 then further 30 min appointments £90.

Initial consultation London: £200 75-90 minutes, follow up 60 minutes £150, further consultations 30 mins £90, skype or phone face to face £125 In Clinic London.

This will include a review of the questionnaire prior to the appointment, a nutritional and lifestyle plan, and appropriate on-line support for implementation of the plan. If testing is required this will costed individually.


Stress can be a major factor affecting the levels of energy an individual has in their work and personal life, affecting their ability to achieve goals for themselves and for the organisation. It therefore makes good business sense to to equip individuals and teams with the knowledge and understanding of how to prevent stress becoming an issue and causing fatigue, but if it does, how to combat it from the perspective of nutrition, understanding and optimising how we think, and making the most of our physicality, to return to optimal health .

To achieve this we run 1 day corporate and organisational workshops in house or a venue suitable for you.

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